Tips and Tricks

Here are some TIPS & TRICKS we have had success with. 

It’s always a good idea to supervise your pet when using a new toy for the first time. This ensures they can play with it safely and helps them learn how to use the toy appropriately and engage with it in stimulating ways.

Food for thought: If your pup needs some extra stimulation, they will find hours of entertainment chewing, chomping, and chasing their new friend Freddy. Stuff his belly with kibble or treats for a motivating mental game sure to cure your dog’s boredom.

Freddy the Hedgehog is great for slow feeding, making him the perfect companion for dogs that like to gobble down dinner. After adding dry kibble or treats, we like to spread sugar-free peanut butter or wet food inside the opening at the bottom. This encourages licking, chewing, and working the toy before getting to the tasty treats inside.

Here’s something to chew on: If you need to sooth a teething puppy, satisfy that chewing instinct, or make sure Fido’s teeth and gums stay clean, try adding a spreadable treat such as sugar-free peanut butter, pumpkin puree, or your dog’s favorite spreadable treat to the top of the toy. The grooves and ridges, along with the various sized spikes and snout provide hours of satisfaction.

Don’t worry, Freddy’s quills are all bark and worth the bite! The durable, all-natural rubber makes them the perfect tool to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and massage the gums for good dental hygiene.

Does your pet get nervous in the car or at the vet? BellaBoo products provide anxiety relief by stimulating your dog’s senses and concentrating their awareness on the toy to relax and distract.

If you are trying to crate train your pet, this toy is a great device to help them find calm and focus. Freddy can incentivize hyper or anxious dogs, helping them settle down as they work to get the food or treat out of the toy.

Make a game out of your dog’s favorite pastime—sniffing. Nose work not only helps burn off steam, but it is a great confidence builder. Try placing a scented or high-value treat inside before hiding the toy to make nose work a fun and entertaining activity.

Freddy’s bristles are brimming with excitement and provide spring-loaded fun! They make for an unpredictable bounce that is never the same, ensuring an amusing game of fetch that will stretches your pup’s muscles and mind.

Toys cannot replace a regular exercise routine, but Freddy the Hedgehog can provide much needed mental and physical activity throughout the day indoors and out.

BellaBoo products clean up easily! We recommend hand washing with a mild soap and warm water and drying thoroughly before refilling.

This toy is made of strong and sturdy all-natural rubber that can safely stand up to tough chewing and endless chomping. We have left one outside in the rain and snow for weeks and it fared just fine. BellaBoo products will outlast most chew toys, but no toy is truly indestructible. Please check after each use and replace if it becomes worn or damaged, as it is not intended to be eaten or ingested.